ORACO-MX20001-BL : ARCTIC MX-2 8g heat sink compound

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ARCTIC MX-2 8g heat sink compound
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ARCTIC MX-2 8g heat sink compound

Product Code: ACO-AC-MX28G
Manufacturer Code: ORACO-MX20001-BL
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ARCTIC MX-2 is the thermal compound offering high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance to dissipate heat efficiently from CPU / GPU to the installed heatsink. Thermal Compound for All Coolers. The ARCTIC MX-2 compound is composed of carbon micro-particles which lead to an extremely high thermal conductivity. It guarantees that heat from the CPU or GPU can be dissipated quickly and efficiently. With its performance, the ARCTIC MX-2 outperforms other well-known thermal compounds in the market. As the ARCTIC MX-2 does not contain any metallic particles so electrical conductivity will not be an issue. Unlike other silver and copper compounds, the ARCTIC MX-2 ensures that contact with any electrical pins would not result in any sort of damage. Moreover the ARCTIC MX-2 is very easy to apply as it has ideal consistency. In contrast to metal and silicon thermal compound, the ARCTIC MX-2 does not show decreasing performance over time. It does not need to be re-applied and has a durability of at least eight years.



Viscosity (poise) - 850 Density (g/cm³) - 3.96



6 Years

  1. High Thermal Conductivity
  2. Low Thermal Resistance
  3. Non-Electrical Conductive
  4. Non-Capacitive
  5. Non-Corrosive
  6. Odorless
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