ORACO-MX40001-BL : ARCTIC MX-4 8.5W/mĚK 4g heat sink compound

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ARCTIC MX-4 8.5W/mĚK 4g heat sink compound
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ARCTIC MX-4 8.5W/mĚK 4g heat sink compound

Product Code: ACO-AC-MX44G
Manufacturer Code: ORACO-MX40001-BL
Stock: Yes

Price: £4.85 (ex VAT).

Price: £5.82 (inc VAT).



The ARCTIC MX-4 is a premium-grade thermal paste with exceptional performance and ease of application. It is an electrically non-conductive paste that is applied between CPU/GPU and designated coolers to transfer the dissipated heat from the components to the heat sink. Since the ARCTIC MX-4 is a metal-free compound, it eliminates the risks of causing short circuit and in turn adding more protection to your computer. The new formula in the ARCTIC MX-4 features optimal thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. These characteristics effectively dissipate the emitted heat from the core components. The consistency of the ARCTIC MX-4 is designed for simple application. Its texture is just thin enough to spread onto components using fingers without creating much mess.



2 year limited warranty.

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