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Getac S410 2.3GHz i3-6100U 14

Getac S410 2.3GHz i3-6100U 14" 1366 x 768pixels Touchscreen Black Notebook
Product Code: GET-SE1DY5AEADXX
Manufacturer Code: SE1DY5AEADXX
Stock: No

  Price: £1293.27 (ex VAT).
Price: £ 1551.92 (inc VAT).
Out Of Stock
S400 Basic i5-4210M 14

S400 Basic i5-4210M 14" Webcam 4GB 500GB W7P
Product Code: GET-SB6NB5ACADKX
Manufacturer Code: SB6NB5ACADKX
Stock: No

  Price: £1568.93 (ex VAT).
Price: £ 1882.72 (inc VAT).
Out Of Stock
Getac S410 2.3GHz i5-6200U 14

Getac S410 2.3GHz i5-6200U 14" 1366 x 768pixels Black Notebook
Product Code: GET-SE2DY5AEAHXX
Manufacturer Code: SE2DY5AEAHXX
Stock: No

  Price: £1880.58 (ex VAT).
Price: £ 2256.70 (inc VAT).
Out Of Stock
Getac S400 2.3GHz i7-4712HQ 14

Getac S400 2.3GHz i7-4712HQ 14" Black Notebook
Product Code: GET-SC4DD5AEADKX
Manufacturer Code: SC4DD5AEADKX
Stock: No

  Price: £2082.79 (ex VAT).
Price: £ 2499.35 (inc VAT).
Out Of Stock
S410 Basic i5-6200U 14

S410 Basic i5-6200U 14" 16GB 128GB SSD W10P
Manufacturer Code: SE2DTCDCADNJ
Stock: No

  Price: £2522.09 (ex VAT).
Price: £ 3026.51 (inc VAT).
Out Of Stock
S400 Premium i7-4712MQ 14

S400 Premium i7-4712MQ 14" 8GB 256GB SSD Wifi
Manufacturer Code: SC4NFDDCBFKX
Stock: No

  Price: £2841.82 (ex VAT).
Price: £ 3410.18 (inc VAT).
Out Of Stock
B300-Basic 13.3

B300-Basic 13.3" Intel i5-4310M 4GB 500GB HDD
Product Code: GET-BB735B5ACEDXX
Manufacturer Code: BB735B5ACEDXX
Stock: No

  Price: £2990.04 (ex VAT).
Price: £ 3588.05 (inc VAT).
Out Of Stock
Getac V110 2.2GHz i5-5200U

Getac V110 2.2GHz i5-5200U
Product Code: GET-VC61ECDCBHXX
Manufacturer Code: VC61ECDCBHXX
Stock: No

  Price: £2995.25 (ex VAT).
Price: £ 3594.30 (inc VAT).
Out Of Stock
Getac V110 G2 Premium i5-5300U 8GB 11.6 256GBssdz

Getac V110 G2 Premium i5-5300U 8GB 11.6 256GBssdz
Product Code: GET-VC71CDDCBHXX
Manufacturer Code: VC71CDDCBHXX
Stock: No

  Price: £3587.35 (ex VAT).
Price: £ 4304.82 (inc VAT).
Out Of Stock
Getac B300 3GHz i7-4610M 13.3

Getac B300 3GHz i7-4610M 13.3" 1024 x 768pixels BlackGrey Notebook
Product Code: GET-BB83D5DCEDXX
Manufacturer Code: BB83D5DCEDXX
Stock: No

  Price: £4662.49 (ex VAT).
Price: £ 5594.99 (inc VAT).
Out Of Stock
X500 G2 Premium 15.6

X500 G2 Premium 15.6" Webcam i5-4310M 16GB 500
Product Code: GET-XB7IG5ICEDXX
Manufacturer Code: XB7IG5ICEDXX
Stock: No

  Price: £5611.39 (ex VAT).
Price: £ 6733.67 (inc VAT).
Out Of Stock
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